Yahk Area
Communications Society

Extraordinary Special meeting


Please attend our Extraordinary Special Meeting


Yahk Area Communications Society


Tuesday June 19th at 7 pm



To Ratify the Board of Directors recommendation of proposal for YACS moving forward.


Please note: Only members in good standing will be eligible to vote.


Effective Immediately

Due to the resignations of past board they are not to be contacted regarding YACS business. If you have any questions please contact the following.

Your new contact information is as follows:

Technical Support: support@yacs.ca

Billing Information: yacsinvoice@gmail.com

Board information: board@yacs.ca

Your current board members are:

President: Monika Currier

Secretary: Penny A. P. Anderson

Member at large: Melanie Sommerfeldt


We have sent out a "Request for Proposals for Network Management" to experience professional Internet Service Provider's. If you are interested please contact or if you have any questions please contact board@yacs.ca.

We appreciate your patience and please bare with us as our task at hand is onerous. However bright days ahead!  We are working hard to serve you better.

Thank you

M. Currier


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